Listen | October 2015

Brakeman | Nathaniel Rateliff

Forgetting is Believing | Nathaniel Rateliff

We Never Win | Nathaniel Rateliff

Child’s Play feat. Chance the Rapper | SZA

The Fire | Kina Grannis

Please & Thank You | Wildcat! Wildcat!

The Chief | Wildcat! Wildcat!

End of the World Everyday | Wildcat! Wildcat!

Paint | The Paper Kites

Bitter Water | The Oh Hellos

For Once in My Life | Stevie Wonder

Mission Bell | Le Trouble

An Act of Mercy | The Mercy Beat

Gold | Sir Sly

Boys | Bryan John Appleby

The Devil Is All Around | Shovels & Rope

Concert Outfit

I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember.  When I was little, my parents would play all kinds of music for me from Louis Armstrong to Shania Twain to Aerosmith when we rode in the car, and as a result, I have an appreciation for a wide variety of genres.  I can dance (badly) to Beyonce with my roommate in our living room and jam to some sad indie-folk songs when I’m driving.  As I’ve gotten older, attending concerts and seeing my favorite musicians live has become one of my favorite things to do.

I love to pick out concert outfits, because I can push the boundaries of my typical day to-day style, whether that be with a bright red lipstick or an awesome pair of shoes.  Most of the concerts I attend are at smaller venues rather than large stadiums, so I’m on my feet the whole time.  Because of this, I tend to wear outfits that are comfortable and casual but slightly fancier than what I would wear to class or to get coffee.  Recently, I attended a Gregory Alan Isakov show (which was incredible, by the way), and this is what I wore.

The sweater/high-waisted jeans/boots combo is something I would wear on any given day.  I added the flannel to make the outfit a little bit warmer, but I tied it around my waist once I got into the venue.  Also, I’ve been loving mixing prints lately.  My statement with this outfit was definitely the red lipstick.  My roommate bought it for me for Christmas, and I’ve been searching for excuses to wear it.

Listen to She Always Takes It Black by Gregory Alan Isakov, and leave a comment letting me know what you like to wear to concerts!